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Reasons why you should choose Nutart

What makes different from any other place where you can buy hazelnuts? What do we mean when we emphasize Nutart is the freshest form of hazelnut? Why you should choose Nutart? Let's examine together how Nutart achieved such high customer satisfaction.

Nutart, Aysan Dis. Trade Ltd. Şti.'s retail products brand.

So what does this mean?

  • Price: So Nutart is the brand of a hazelnut factory. It is not a stockist or broker. Therefore, their prices are the best possible for products made with fresh hazelnuts.

  • Freshness: Hazelnut can not wait in a hazelnut factory, it is constantly in sales circulation. Nutart products can never be made from stale material, as it is the producer of the raw material (hazelnut) of its products.

  • Sale: Nutart products are only available online. The products you buy are not products that have been in the warehouse or on the shelf. They are shipped as they are packaged and delivered to you very quickly.

  • Experience: Aysan Fındık, who has been in the hazelnut industry for generations, has gained experience for years and has extensive knowledge about hazelnut, the precious of the beautiful country Türkiye. It highlights the hazelnut flavor with its own roasting and packaging technique.

  • Content: Thanks to the freshness of its ingredients, it does not need any flavoring, preservative or coloring additives and does not include it in its products.

  • Warranty: Our products are under a refund guarantee. All packages are checked and carefully protected. However, in case of a defect in products or shipping, even opened products are accepted as returns.

Nutart, which takes a place in the hearts with these advantages it provides to its customers, is growing day by day with love. What is the most important of these features for you? If you want to share your ideas with us, we are here for you. 😊


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