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   The Aydın family, which has been in the hazelnut industry since the 1800s, gathered their activities under the roof of Aysan Limited Company in 1984. Since its establishment, Aysan has made it a mission to support the formations that aim to help creating sustainable agriculture and environment.

   Aysan hazelnut, with its years of experience, pays maximum attention to the quality and taste of hazelnuts processed in its facilities. With its productional awareness and service quality, Aysan is highly preferred not only in Turkey but also abroad, and has increased its export capacity with each passing year.



   Nutart is the brand for market products of Aysan international trade company. With the delicious hazelnuts processed in its facilities, innovative and various range of products are produced under the brand name of ''Nutart'', keeping the health of you and your loved ones in the foreground. Nutart manufactures hazelnut pastes, cocoa or plain hazelnut creams, packaged roasted, shelled, salted, sweet, spiced hazelnuts. It does not contain trans fat, preservatives, coloring, flavoring or thickening derivatives in its products. With its healthy and nutritious ingredients, it appeals to both adults and children.


How is your order prepared?

   As soon as your order reaches us, daily filled fresh products are packed for you and carefully placed in their protected boxes. Our products, which are shipped quickly, are on their way to reach you as soon as possible. They are ready for your consumption without losing freshness. Nutart becomes irreplaceble for whom tries it as a snack, or for breakfast, or for a brand new tasting experience.

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