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Nutart undertakes to comply with the following security and privacy rules in order to create a safer shopping environment for site visitors: is protected by advanced security systems and provides 100% security for shoppers.

The credit card information you use while purchasing the product is never displayed, it is under the guarantee of iyzico and your bank.

On the credit card transaction page, the card transmits the information directly to the bank systems and the result of the transaction is reported to the customer. 

It is not possible for any third party to access the credit card information used within the scope of the online sales process, including the site personnel.

All of the information that users enter during the order is stored in secure electronic systems in accordance with security standards. This information cannot be seen by anyone other than authorized site personnel. In obligatory situations that occur within the framework of current Turkish laws and international laws, the said information can be accessed through a system under user approval.

Nutart undertakes and guarantees that this personal information, which is compiled from the site users, will not be disclosed under any name, for any reason and to any interlocutor without the user's consent, not to share such information with third parties and not to misuse it in any way. reserves the right to analyze and interpret general user information, other than the above-mentioned personal information, in order to make its services more efficient and to maximize customer satisfaction.

If users request and give their consent, this information can be evaluated by Nutart and used for product updates, discount announcements and special offers.

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