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What does Nutart contain and what it does not?

What does Nutart contain and what it does not, we will investigate this topic...

First of all, Nutart does not contain preservatives. The products are filled and shipped upon your order and since they do not wait on the shelves, they reach to you extremely fresh and there is no need for any preservatives.

Nutart does not contain carcinogenic fats such as palm oil and trans fats, the fats in its ingredients are healthy fats.

Nutart is also sweetener-free and gets its flavor from fresh hazelnuts.

Our nut butters and creams are all gluten-free.

Last but not least, Nutart is flavorant-free.

Vanillin, which we often see in other brands, is an ingredient used to suppress the bad odor that occurs with staling, causing hazelnut spreads to smell like vanilla perfume, and is absolutely absent in Nutart.

So let's take a look at what Nutart does contain...

The sugar in Nutart is beet sugar and the oil is vegetable oil obtained from sunflower and cotton plants.

Nutart contains the freshest and highest quality hazelnuts from the Black Sea.

The milk powder in Nutart is not the milk powder we know as coffee whitener, but genuine milk powder.

Whey powder is a protein source that balances the flavor of Nutart, while soy lecithin is a natural ingredient that ensures homogeneity and prevents the ingredients from separating from each other.

Do you take care that the foods you consume are healthy? If your answer is yes, you can follow our social media accounts for more information about our product ingredients. 😊


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