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Tiramisu in 5 minutes

We always mention how delicious, practical and useful the filling created by Nutart hazelnut spread and labneh make. For today's recipe, we will use this filling to make fake tiramisu in 5 minutes. Let's move on to our recipe that is perfect for the guest who came untimely.

Ingredients: 350g - 400g labneh, Nutart hazelnut spread, 8 pieces of ladyfinger, cocoa powder.

  • 🍚 Labneh is taken into a bowl.

  • 🥄 Add 1 full spoon of Nutart hazelnut spread on it and mix well.

  • 🥖 Dip ladyfingers in cold coffee and put in a plate as pairs.

  • 🥣 Hazelnut spread and labneh mix is poured on top (or it can be spread with a spoon) then repeat the steps again to add another layer as before.

  • 🍫 Sift cocoa powder and sprinkle it on top.

The portion is repeated with the remaining ingredients.

(2 servings, recipe for 2 people)

To increase the number of servings, you can multiply the ingredients at the same rate. Enjoy your meal!


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