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Super easy parfait!

Super easy parfait recipe! A great recipe to make use of stale biscuits and fruits before they go bad...


1 packet of whip cream powder, 1 cup (200ml) of milk, about 6 strawberries, 2 bananas, 1 packet of petit-beurre biscuits, 1 packet of chocolate biscuits.

(You can use any fruits and biscuits you like in desired amounts.) Mix and shape in muffin tin lined with plastic wrap.

After chilling in the freezer for 1 hour:

200g of chocolate hazelnut spread (We used Nutart dark chocolate) and chopped hazelnuts.

Keep refrigerated. 😊

How do you repurpose your stale biscuits? Do you think this parfait is worth trying? 🤔

#parfait #easydesserts #nutart


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