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Let's make peach ice cream!

Let's keep going with our seasonal refreshing recipes and make peach ice cream!


🍑 Wash 3 peaches, cut them into pieces and leave them to freeze overnight.

🍯 Add 100g of honey and 1 pack of milk cream to the blender on the well-frozen peaches.

🌰 Then add 1 handful of Nutart hazelnuts to the mixture. (The important part that gives texture to the recipe and softens the flavor)

Blend the mixture, then put it in a suitable mold and keep it in the freezer for 3 hours. Since it is a fruit-based recipe, if it stays more than 3 hours, it may freeze too much. In this case, we recommend that you let it wait for a while at room temperature before serving. Enjoy your meal!

(8 scoops, recipe for 4 people)


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