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Let's make flower meringue from marshmallows

We are here with this cute recipe ''flower meringue from marshmallows''. A crispy and fun meringue that you can easily make for your loved ones on mother's day, birthdays and any kind of special days especially for the little ones.🤩 Let's get right into it:

🌡️ Start heating the oven at 100 degrees.

✂️ Cut the marshmallows deep with scissors without tearing them, into 5 parts.

🧤 Stretch the shape and cross the first and last parts. Line the flower shapes one by one on a baking sheet.

🕑 Push and squeeze them into the baking pan until they rest firmly, then start cooking the marshmallows in the oven for 15 minutes.

🌰 Place the double-roasted Nutart hazelnuts in the middle of the softened marshmallows.

🕑 Close the oven again and let them cook for another 45 minutes.

💨 Take the finished marshmallows out of the oven and wait for them to cool.

That's it... Now you can enjoy the crispy meringues. If you try this recipe, please don't forget to share your comments with us. Enjoy your meal!


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