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Coconut hazelnut treats

Coconut hazelnut treats 🌰 How did we make these cuties? All you need is your favorite biscuit, oats, hazelnut spread and hazelnut paste. (We used hazelnut coconut spread and sugar-free hazlenut paste)

- 🍪 Pull the biscuits in the rondo and set them aside.

- 🌪️ grind 1.5 cups of oats in the rondo until they are thin like flour.

- 🥥 Add 3 teaspoons of Nutart coconut cream with hazelnuts.

- 🌰 Add 3 teaspoons of Nutart unsweetened hazelnut paste. (You can also use sugar paste if you want the recipe sweeter.)

- 🫓 Spin them all well and check that they are doughy.

- 🥥 Here, we roll and crush the mortar we get afterwards. For more flavor and softness, sdd the coconut spread, close it and roll it again.

- 🌕 Roll and cover the balls in the biscuits we pulled before.

It is really easy to make this light but hearty flavor. You will definitely love the taste. If you want to try it, don't forget to save the post and share your thoughts with us. Enjoy your meal!


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